What are they?

Sweet Vaults are the latest innovation from the Pacoca Team, they are specially optimized to sweeten your rewards, helping you maximize your profits.

This is achieved by enhancing the current yield strategy to synergize with Pacoca’s existing pools. …

One more important step on Paçoca’s roadmap has been completed: the governance!

And what does that means? Now all $PACOCA investors and holders will be able to participate in key decisions and contribute to the future of the platform. The entire community is now part of the team!

How it works?

Paçoca’s team…

What is “paçoca”?

Paçoca is a delicious Brazilian peanut sweet! is your DeFi asset and income monitor on the Binance Smart Chain.

Why is the protocol I use not showing up?

In this first version, we opted for the most used protocols in BSC, which are:

  • Autofarm (com harvest integrado);
  • Venus;
  • PancakeSwap;
  • PancakeBunny;
  • ACryptoS;
  • Ellipsis;
  • Beefy;
  • ZCore;
  • ApeSwap;
  • Blizzard;
  • Panther;
  • MDex;
  • CafeSwap;
  • Swamp;
  • Alpaca Finance.

We are working hard to add new protocols!

How can I list my project on Paçoca?

If you have a DeFi protocol and would like to add it to Paçoca, send us an email, we will love to chat!

Still have any questions? Talk to us:


Telegram: (portuguese)

Thank you! 🤗


Track your DeFi assets on Binance Smart Chain with a simple interface. #BSC

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