Development Report — 08/11/2022

2 min readAug 11, 2022


Hey Paçoca lovers!

We are excited to share another biweekly development report. As previously discussed with the community, an event will occur every Thursday, divided into a teaser of what is currently at work in progress and a development report. At today’s event, we share an article that includes developments made from 07/28/2022 until 08/10/2022.

Currently, with a team of four developers, we split the work into three main categories: UI/UX features, on-chain features, and integrations. We will focus on these three development sectors during Thursday reports, as they directly impact the project and the community.

UI/UX features

During these two weeks, our UI/UX did not change much.

Rearrangements and rounding are recurrent but not noticeable by a standard user. Still, developers made a lot of minor improvements to welcome new features that we will discuss in the following topics.

On-chain features

As discussed in the last development report, features that make part of Paçoca’s Q2 and Q3 roadmaps, such as Zap-in and Zap-out, and a native Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), were mainly focused on by our on-chain devs. And the good news is, one of our most-waited features, Zap-in and Zap-out, is finally at the final stages of testing.

Our magicians, as we call them, and also known as Paçoca developers, are finally finishing this excellent feature. We will not give an ETA, but users can expect to use it really soon.


Back to the portfolio side, we are excited to announce that our Sweet Paçoca will soon track another blockchain! Paçoca developers are working hard on this feature, with more than five integrations ready to be announced together with the new chain.

And that was our development report about the work done in our backstages during those two weeks. A lot of surprises are coming; stay tuned, Paçoca lovers!

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