FAQ — Paçoca

What is “paçoca”?

Paçoca is a delicious Brazilian peanut sweet! Pacoca.io is your DeFi asset and income monitor on the Binance Smart Chain.

Why is the protocol I use not showing up?

In this first version, we opted for the most used protocols in BSC, which are:

  • Autofarm (com harvest integrado);
  • Venus;
  • PancakeSwap;
  • PancakeBunny;
  • ACryptoS;
  • Ellipsis;
  • Beefy;
  • ZCore;
  • ApeSwap;
  • Blizzard;
  • Panther;
  • MDex;
  • CafeSwap;
  • Swamp;
  • Alpaca Finance.

We are working hard to add new protocols!

How can I list my project on Paçoca?

If you have a DeFi protocol and would like to add it to Paçoca, send us an email, we will love to chat!

Still have any questions? Talk to us:


https://t.me/pacoca_br (portuguese)

Thank you! 🤗



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