Development Report — 07/28/2022

2 min readJul 28, 2022

Hey Paçoca lovers!

We are excited to share our first biweekly development report. As previously discussed with the community, an event will occur every Thursday, divided into a teaser of what is currently at work in progress and a development report. At today’s event, we share an article that includes developments made from 07/18/2022 until 07/28/2022.

Currently, with a team of four developers, we split the work into three main categories: UI/UX features, on-chain features, and integrations. We will focus on these three development sectors during Thursday reports, as they directly impact the project and the community.

UI/UX features

As a portfolio tracker that values elegancy, minimalism, and mainly the user experience, during these two weeks, a lot has been worked on backstage to optimize the fluidness, including changes such as rounding pixels and rearrangements on different segments of the website.

On-chain features

Besides being a portfolio tracker, Sweet Paçoca also has an on-chain side that constantly improves with new features.

As part of Paçoca’s Q2 and Q3 roadmap, hot features such as Zap (in and out) and a native Dollar Cost Averaging at the platform are two of the features that have been worked most during these two weeks. And the good news is that they are in such an advanced stage that users can start expecting that both will be out soon enough.

Also, Sweet Paçoca announced a highly expected new feature: The Multichain Dex, now allowing users to trade across five chains with the best rates on the market.


Back to the portfolio side, we know the recurring value by adding new platforms to the tracker. With that in mind, Paçoca developers are more than never focused on integrating projects, and within these two weeks, they added more than fourteen dapps to track into the dashboard, with ten more pending to be announced.

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