Introducing Community Events

2 min readJul 14, 2022

Dear Paçoca lovers,

We are super excited to announce our first community campaign!

With the current market conditions, we expect that bad feelings can start to hang around, directly affecting the user’s hope and the relationship with the project. Being aware of that and knowing that the community is one of the main pillars of any company, the team developed a plan to achieve the goal of being more transparent than ever, showing that despite the current volatility, the team is here to stay and keep building.

How will it work?

They are daily events that will start to happen from tomorrow, and each day will have a different activity directly involving investors and the team:

Sweet Monday: A Learn & Earn event! Each Monday, our communities will have a quiz hosted by a community mod. Questions will be about the project, and those that answer them correctly will receive delicious $PACOCA rewards!

Stickers Tuesday: A new lovely Paçoca sticker will be added to our official Telegram groups every Tuesday!

Community Wednesdays: This is an alternating biweekly event:

The first one is a Telegram/Twitter Spaces, where team members each week from a different segment of the project will be directly talking with the community about something they want to discuss, such as specific items from the feedback.

And the second one is Buyback Statistics, where the team will share more detailed statistics about one of our main features, such as the total amount repurchased during those two weeks.

Teaser Thursdays: This is also an alternating biweekly event:

The first is a teaser of features currently being developed, and the second one is an in-depth development report.

Fun Friday: This event will run for an entire week, where the team will share a random contest, such as an Art about Paçoca, and the best ones will receive $PACOCA rewards at the end!

We appreciate the support during these challenging times. We hope to get closer to our lovely community with these events, showing and discussing even more about the project.

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