Introducing Sweet Vaults

What are they?

Sweet Vaults are the latest innovation from the Pacoca Team, they are specially optimized to sweeten your rewards, helping you maximize your profits.

This is achieved by enhancing the current yield strategy to synergize with Pacoca’s existing pools. By doing so, Sweet Vaults can sustainably raise the APY of any pool and enable you to earn more from farming your favorite coins.

How do they work?

  • The smart contract receives the original deposit from the user and deposits it to the third party platform masterchef (e.g., PancakeSwap);

The First Sweet Vault

The Pacoca Team is starting with one of Pacoca’s most beloved pools. That’s right, your cake just got a little sweeter as the Sweet Cake Vault will be the first made available!

What’s the future for Sweet Vaults?

In the future, new Sweet Vaults will be created, including Liquidity Provider token deposits, and stable coin vaults. The community will also be able to vote on what they would like sweetened next, increasing the rewards for your go-to farms.


Are the Sweet Vault contracts audited?

The Sweet Vault smart contract is audited by a highly recommended auditor, Inspex. You can find the audit here.

How do the Sweet Vault fees work?

The v2 vaults fees go as following:

  • 3.0% fee on profits to upcoming stake $PACOCA earn $BNB vault;

How did you Calculate the APY?

APY is calculated through this portion of our code:

This function accumulates past earnings and multiplies it by the daily Pacoca Auto-Compounding Vault APR and adds earnings from staked asset (i.e. cake).

The rewards are under 400% in PACOCA, isn’t this bad for PACOCA Price?

The Sweet Vaults actually increase the value of Pacoca constantly. By converting the staked token rewards into Pacoca, it endlessly adds buying pressure. The more TVL the Sweet Vaults accumulate, the sweeter your Pacoca gets!

Can cake be too sweet?

Can pigs fly? Was Thanos really the bad guy? Is there a Mrs. Peanuts? Mysteries that we may never get an answer to…


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