Join the Sweet Paçoca Community on Zealy and Earn Exciting Rewards!

2 min readMay 19, 2023


We have thrilling news for all Sweet Paçoca enthusiasts out there! We are delighted to announce that Sweet Paçoca has officially landed on Zealy, creating its very own community within this dynamic operational system.

Zealy, formerly known as Crew3, is a platform dedicated to helping projects like ours scale their user growth organically. By joining the Sweet Paçoca community on Zealy, you can participate in engaging tasks and earn exclusive rewards, including Discord roles, NFTs, XP, and $PACOCA tokens. In this article, we’ll guide you through the steps of how you can become a part of this exciting community.

Getting Started with Zealy:

To begin your journey on Zealy, you’ll need to create an account. Visit the Zealy website and sign up for free. It’s a quick and straightforward process that will grant you access to a thriving ecosystem of communities and projects.

Join the Sweet Paçoca Community:

Once you have your Zealy account set up, navigate to the Sweet Paçoca community page.

Exploring Tasks and Activities:

Zealy offers a variety of engaging tasks and activities within the Sweet Paçoca community. These tasks are designed to be fun, interactive, and rewarding. They may include sharing Sweet Paçoca content on social media, providing feedback on new flavors, creating fan art, or referring friends to join the community. Each task will come with clear instructions on how to complete it.

Earning Rewards:

As you participate in and complete tasks, you’ll start earning points on Zealy. These points serve as your pathway to unlocking exclusive rewards. The Sweet Paçoca community on Zealy offers a range of enticing prizes, including:

  • Discord Roles: Showcase your dedication and status within the community with unique Discord roles, granting you access to exclusive channels and interactions.
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): Collect limited-edition NFTs featuring Paçoca-themed artwork. These digital assets are not only a testament to your involvement but also hold value and can be traded or cherished.
  • XP (Experience Points): Level up your profile by earning XP. As you accumulate XP, you’ll unlock additional perks, privileges, and recognition within the Sweet Paçoca community.
  • $PACOCA Tokens: Get your hands on $PACOCA tokens, the native governance token of Sweet Paçoca ecosystem.


Joining the Sweet Paçoca community on Zealy is an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, earn exclusive rewards, and contribute to the growth and success of the Paçoca brand. By participating in the engaging tasks and activities offered by Zealy, you can unlock Discord roles, collect unique NFTs, accumulate XP, and even acquire $PACOCA tokens. Don’t miss out on this chance to immerse yourself in the world of Sweet Paçoca. Sign up on Zealy today and embark on a rewarding journey with us!

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