Milestones: A Retrospective View of Sweet Paçoca’s 1 Year Journey

4 min readMar 23, 2022

What a fantastic week, and much more: what a tremendous year!

Paçoca is thankful for all the support during this period. A year in crypto is a long time, and through that year, Paçoca and its community got to experience many achievements and development breakthroughs.

In order to commemorate all of its progress, this article is dedicated to writing in permanence the journey Paçoca took throughout its life.Before we jump in and view what this past year was like, let’s look at how our birthday week went!

To honor this great year, Sweet Paçoca celebrated its birthday with a fantastic week filled with events:

  • NFT portfolio;
  • Roadmap reveal;
  • A $300,000 donation to DAO;
  • NFT gift.

Sweet Paçoca hopes that everyone enjoyed these numerous events and this successful year together as much as possible.

Paçoca would like to share the main achievements during these 12 months. Join us in looking back at this incredible journey and take a glimpse into what’s in store next!

Over 70+ Platform Integrations and Cross-Chain Tracking

What started as a BNB Chain portfolio manager is becoming a fully operational and multichain DeFi Hub.

Born to optimize the experience of DeFi users, Sweet Paçoca is the perfect place for those looking for an elegant portfolio watcher.

During this one year of Paçoca’s existence, more than 72 projects were added to tracking into the dashboard across three different blockchains (BNB Chain, Fantom, and Polygon). And all of this while still valuing simplicity and elegance!

Over $1,000,000 in PACOCA Buybacks

Sweet Vaults is a revolutionary technology created to maximize users’ rewards while buying back PACOCA. Since implementing this feature, Sweet Paçoca bought back more than $1,000,000 worth of $PACOCA!

100% Secure and Safe

As a worry for anyone in the wild west called DeFi, the top priority for Sweet Paçoca has always been: security.

We had four successful audits, Certik’s Skynet analyzing all on-chain data, and a meticulous and well-experienced team onboard.

That led to no exploits happening since the creation of the project while still innovating with sweet vaults!

Paçoca is proud to have maintained an average security score of 94, one of the highest at CertiK, an exceptionally well-reputed auditor company.

Over 100+ Partners

Friends always make Sweet Paçoca happier. Paçoca loves friends so much that it has partnered with more than 100 projects, and even more friends are coming this year!

With these partners, Paçoca users enjoyed a ton of different products, such as our Paçoca POT at Moonpot, or staking PACOCA and discovering new projects.

NFT Development

One of the most requested items from Paçoca’s roadmap has finally launched. The NFT portfolio, together with a spectacular birthday collection. Users can view their NFTs directly from their portfolio, and our OGs were able to forge themselves permanently as the original supporters of Paçoca with our OG NFT collection.

It was the perfect gift for our Paçoca lovers, and to appreciate those who have always been with us, the NFTs will soon have exclusive use cases.

3 Language Channels

Paçoca has expanded to its three major demographic segments, Portuguese, Thai, and French. Additionally, Paçoca hired moderators for each and has created places for the local communities to gather and access team members directly with questions and suggestions.

Huge Team Growth

What started as an idea being built by just three members is now bigger than ever. Paçoca is in constant growth and has the following members composing the team now:

  • Product: Milkshake, Mr. Peanuts, Salt, and Deejay;
  • Business Developers: Salt and Deejay;
  • Developers: Mr. Peanuts, AmendoBobo, AmendoPwr, and NakedNuts;
  • Marketing: Salt and Nutshell;
  • Community Managers: Mistah Fox, Cream, Birdy, and Nutshell.

All team members are daily contributors to a sweeter Paçoca, working hard to develop innovative products for an even more successful journey.

Creation of DAOs

The team is always focused on giving the Paçoca community a more prominent voice and hand when it comes to our platform. In the past year, new spaces were created, such as the platform DAO for team proposals and a feedback system for users to provide recommendations and vote on it.

Taking this a step further, a DAO has been created for the community to have access to a large fund. With this fund, the community can push proposals to determine how to spend the assets allocated to it to benefit the benefit of Paçoca platform and its community. The fund is currently sitting at $350,000 worth of assets waiting to be utilized.

The Future

All of this was accomplished in a single year, and now that the foundation has been built and the team has grown, Pacoca can achieve even more than ever. So grab on to your seatbelts, Paçoca community, and shine off your sweet tooth because the age of Paçoca has just started!

Originally set out to be a full DeFi Dashboard, Pacoca is getting closer to that goal. With over 50,000 users utilizing the dapp, the future’s looking bright. OG community and new members, you are all welcomed by Pacoca’s side as it’s time to step into the next year and achieve even more than before.

Thank you for being a part of what was just a concept a year ago, and let’s continue to make Paçoca better and stronger than yesterday.

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