Paçoca launches the Birthday OG NFT Campaign on Project Galaxy

  • Paçoca OG Whale: Users with 1M+ PACOCA
  • Paçoca OG Shark: Users with 200K+ PACOCA
  • Paçoca OG Turtle: Users with 10K+ PACOCA
  • Paçoca OG Supporter: Users with 1K+ PACOCA
  • PACOCA in wallet
  • Manual PACOCA Pool
  • Auto PACOCA Pool
  • PACOCA-BNB staked at Paçoca
  • PACOCA-CAKE staked at Paçoca
  • PACOCA-BUSD staked at Paçoca
  • Stake PACOCA earn partner token
  • PACOCA staked on Moonpot (updated March 16 at 3:20 PM UTC)

About Galaxy

About Paçoca

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