Paçoca launches the Birthday OG NFT Campaign on Project Galaxy

Sweet Paçoca has achieved many milestones throughout the year, closing over a hundred partnerships, creating their unique technology Sweet Vaults, performing millions of dollars in Paçoca buybacks, and attracting tens of thousands of users to use its dapp.

To commemorate its birthday and all of its achievements, Paçoca is rewarding It’s users with a unique set of OG NFTs that will only ever be minted once. These NFTs will be redeemable on our newest partner: Project Galaxy.

A snapshot will be taken off Sweet Paçoca users staking, and assets held in their wallets on March 16th between 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM UTC. This snapshot will serve as a whitelist for who gets to mint the OG NFTs. The distribution will follow as below:

  • Paçoca OG Whale: Users with 1M+ PACOCA
  • Paçoca OG Shark: Users with 200K+ PACOCA
  • Paçoca OG Turtle: Users with 10K+ PACOCA
  • Paçoca OG Supporter: Users with 1K+ PACOCA

Once you’ve determined which tier you fall into you can head over to our space on and mint your NFTs during the open date. The collection will be open for minting on March 18th.

How can I be eligible?

What will be considered in the snapshot:

  • PACOCA in wallet
  • Manual PACOCA Pool
  • Auto PACOCA Pool
  • PACOCA-BNB staked at Paçoca
  • PACOCA-CAKE staked at Paçoca
  • PACOCA-BUSD staked at Paçoca
  • Stake PACOCA earn partner token
  • PACOCA staked on Moonpot (updated March 16 at 3:20 PM UTC)

Please notice that earnings from Sweet Vaults will need to be claimed to be counted.

About Galaxy

Project Galaxy is the largest Web3 credential data network in the world. Built on open and collaborative infrastructure, Project Galaxy helps developers and organizations leverage NFTs and digital credential data to build better products and communities in Web3.

About Paçoca

Paçoca is a portfolio tracker, DEX aggregator, and one of the highest APY auto-compounding yield aggregators on BSC through its unique technology called Sweet Vaults. Paçoca’s vision is to create a suite of complementary DeFi products that will operate in a harmonious ecosystem.

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Track your DeFi assets on Binance Smart Chain with a simple interface. #BSC

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Track your DeFi assets on Binance Smart Chain with a simple interface. #BSC

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