Paçoca's governance is ready!

One more important step on Paçoca’s roadmap has been completed: the governance!

And what does that means? Now all $PACOCA investors and holders will be able to participate in key decisions and contribute to the future of the platform. The entire community is now part of the team!

How it works?

Paçoca’s team opens a poll that will be available for a period of time so that people who invest in $PACOCA can vote. Each $PACOCA is worth a vote, whoever has more tokens has more weight in the vote than whoever has less.

Voting is free, you won’t spend any tokens or gas. 🥰

Who can vote?

To be able to parcipate in the governance, you need to ensure that you have $PACOCA:

  • On your wallet and/or;
  • Staking in any vault that involves $PACOCA.

Don’t have $PACOCA yet? You can buy in Paçoca's exchange.

How to vote?

It’s really easy, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to the and tap on “More” and “Vote” at the footer.

Step 2: Connect your wallet by tapping the button at the top of the voting page.

Step 3: Choose the open proposal for vote.

Step 4: Select your preferred option and tap on “Vote".

Done! Your voting is already being counting, and now just wait for the final result. 🎉

So, you already bought your $PACOCA to participate on the future of the platform?



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